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Andriol (testosterone undecanoate) [testosterone undecanoate]


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Organon CH, CN, NL, PL, G, A, PT, MX, HU, Thailand;Ravasini I


kaps.40 mg

bottle / strips

Organon NO, Brazil; Donmed S. Africa


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bottle of 60 capsules.

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bottle of 60 capsules.

Organon DK, GB, GR


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bottle of 60 capsules.

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bottle of 30 capsules.

Organon TK

Andriol is a unique oral steroid derivative of testosterone, created an international pharmaceutical company Organon. This steroid went on sale in early 1980, the city of this product contains 40 mg of testosterone in oil solution in each capsule. If we subtract the weight of the ester, in each capsule contains about 25 mg of pure testosterone. Release form of the steroid considerably different from most oral steroids. Usually oral steroids into the blood through the liver. If steroid , thus received does not contain any structural changes to prevent decay in the liver, it decomposes very rapidly. In this case, only a small part of the steroid remains unchanged and all the preparation as a whole loses its power. To avoid this, in the preparations was added methyl group (alpha 17), but it also leads to a stronger effect on the liver. Sometimes liver tissue damage is very strong, so scientists are trying to find other ways to protect the testosterone molecule of decay. In the case of Andriol it has created a special form of testosterone that would be absorbed by the lymphatic system of the body. This contributes to an ester, gives a high fat solubility, and the oil solution of the drug. As such, the steroid avoids the destructive action of the liver. It enters the bloodstream unchanged, while immediately splits ester which releases the active free testosterone. In this form, a steroid suitable for oral administration and does not cause a large impact on the liver.

Picture 1.

Pharmacokinetics (concentration and rate of passage in the body) of oral testosterone undecanoate(p.54)

This chart shows the average pharmacokinetics after administration of 40 mg testosterone undecanoate.As you can see (p.54), the maximum testosterone level is reached very quickly (about 2 hours). Gradually, the level decreases, reaching a minimum level of 12 hours.

On paper, the effect of this steroid looks perfect: clean, safe product that has nothing to do with the very harmful methyltestosterone. But, as often happens in life, if something looks too good to be true, it is hardly the case in reality. The same problem with Andriol®. Above all, it means that the bioavailability for the organism. Athletes have reported that upon receipt of less than 240 mg per day (6 capsules), no visible rezultatov.240 mg per day also give very little effect. By increasing the dosage of 8-10 capsules (320-400 mg) was observed growth of muscle mass and the amount of medicine can not yet be increased, but as there was no significant increase in volume. It seems that only a small amount of testosterone into the bloodstream, and it’s a very powerful hormone and its action does not affect any supplements or release form. If he had been active in the blood, the results of his actions would be a lot clearer. For example, when the oil injection solution of testosterone, for example, cypionate, 400 mg of the drug per week is more than enough. Consequently, Andriol 400 mg per day should lead to a incredible results. Where did he disappear?

In this case, much depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, namely on how the body absorbs and processes drugs. The schedule that we have described above, shows the average body reaction data during the reception of a group of female steroid. However, this chart does not reflect how very different metabolism from each of the participants of the experiment. If we compare the results obtained from each participant, we see that they are quite different. In one case, the blood testosterone level off scale, and the other – hardly increased at all. Moreover, especially it affects the fact that these results were not constant because sometimes a small amount of medication reception (20 mg) produced a significant increase in testosterone levels compared to the results of the hormone receiving 40 mg of the same person. Therefore, we can only say that this steroid is quite unpredictable in the way it works in our body. Experiments in a group of men showed the same results: the steroid was completely unpredictable in its effect, and its blood levels varied from 11.5 to 60.1 units per liter (nmol / L) while receiving 80 mg twice a day .

Figure 2 (page 55)

These charts illustrate the very low and very high levels of testosterone in the blood of different people while taking testosterone undecanoate, which we have already mentioned when describing Figure 1. As you can see, the graph on the left shows a very low level of testosterone in the blood of one person (A) and the graph on the right shows data of another test (B), the hormone levels in his blood even gone beyond schedule and reached 65 units. per liter.

Greater interest is the “soft” action Andriol, which is often described as a miracle cure, since it is only slightly converted to estrogen in the body, despite the fact that one of Andriol testosterone species.However, it should be remembered that the way this facility is processed in the body, affects the final result of its action, namely, the rate of decay. This feature affects how quickly the hormone reaches the maximum level in the blood and over what period of time you will see the result of the action of this hormone. The main reason why the suspension (solution) testosterone has a stronger action than testosterone enanthate, is that in the former case more hormones begin their work in one day. At the same time, a rapid-acting estrogen and side effects more noticeable. Also, testosterone enanthate part of the volume takes ester and 100 mg of testosterone contain much more testosterone molecules than testosterone combined with an ester, which also affects the different impact of these funds on the body.But in general, this is not so important. This structure contributes to its testosterone conversion to estrogen. The only way that allows us to avoid the conversion of androgen to estrogen, is the change in its base molecule, rather than an ester. Once free testosterone into the bloodstream, it is impossible without the participation of aromatization enizimov. Therefore, no obvious side effects and results during reception Andriol likely due to the fact that it is not well processed in the body.

Most athletes do not consider Andriol profitable acquisition. But we also know the opinion of other people who actually use the tool as a small amount of steroid into the blood stream unchanged. Andriol oral steroid remains and thus it is not so dangerous for the liver as a majority of other steroids for oral administration.Some athletes take steroids sometimes “soft” activities, buy Andriol and are very pleased with the result of his actions. But for most of us it is not suitable because of the high prices and the need to take it in large quantities every day. Also, if you need a steroid “soft” actions, there is no need to buy is testosterone.


Andriol is very difficult to fake, so you can buy it without fear. It is sold in many countries in bottles of 30 and 60 capsules and foil packages of 10 capsules (pack fully foil without plastic). This Andriol release capsules brown or red, with oil content. They are well sealed and not leaking. On the surface of the capsules and printed letters DV3 ORG. All this is quite difficult to fake, so we met only one of the fake money. Its very easy to recognize, as this packaging is easy to open 10 red capsules. Inside the capsule is a white powder with a strong smell and no oily liquid. We do not know what kind of powder, but it is obvious that this is not real andekanoat testosterone, so never buy them. Due to the fact that all legally produced capsules sold under the trade names (Andriol, Androxon, Panteston, Restandol, Undestor or Virigen), then any drug with the title “testosterone andekanoat» ( “testosterone undecanoate”) should be considered fake.

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