HCG Diet from Dr. Simeonsa was first suggested by the general public in the fifties of the last century. This plan is based on the idea that the hCG hormone is able to accelerate weight relief. Allegedly, this substance helps the body to mobilize all forces and to expend fat more active than on a normal diet. In its natural form a hormone produced during pregnancy. However, Dr. Simeonsom was invented homeopathic supplement spray based on algae that can replace it. However, the majority of pregnant women did not reduce fat mass, but rather the contrary.But Simeonsa diet based not only on the use of the hormone, but also in strict diet restriction. In principle, you can lose weight without any sprays with the menu, because the daily diet contains only 500 calories. The idea of ​​the HCG diet from Dr. Simeonsa For a long time, physicians have criticized the system as unsafe and too strict. WHO estimates that a minimum of calories, which should receive an adult healthy man – 1200 kcal / day. Meanwhile Simeons wrote that hCG helps to avoid the main dangers of a low-calorie diet – slowing metabolism. It only remains to calculate the appropriate dose of the hormone, and the amount of protein in the diet is not too active to lose muscle mass. Diet website description sellers sprays with the hormone promises impressive performance – up to 15 kg in just 40 days of active weight loss. This is followed by a break during which the need to eat 1,200 kcal, and then return to receiving hCG and diet if necessary. Repeat cycles should be to obtain a stable effect. Diet Menu Simeonsa: Breakfast: a cup of tea or coffee with 1 tablespoon skim milk. Lunch: 100 grams of chicken, fish, seafood, 30 g of corn bread, a portion of green vegetables. Dinner: 1 orange or apple, alternate with non-starchy vegetables salad, dressed with lemon juice. During the day, you have to “load up” only 500 calories. It allowed the use of water in unlimited quantities, and the replacement of 1-2 servings of fish or meat a week cottage cheese. Cheese is completely eliminated, all kinds of oil, too. Once the 40 days expire, cease to use the spray, and the diet is increased up to 1200 kcal. The danger of the HCG diet doctor Simeonsa The author himself says that the diet is completely safe, because HCG is not harmful to the human body. However, it should make allowances for the time of the appearance of this information. In the fifties of the twentieth century, doctors knew little about the impact of synthetic hormones in the human tissues and organs. HCG is able to stimulate the growth of tumors. In addition, it accelerates ovarian operation, which may cause menstrual irregularities and lack of long cycle, even afterwards. There is a hypothesis that increased doses of this hormone may lead to obesity by male female type. Ration itself capable of 500 kcal rather harm than solve the problem. Almost no one can eat well for life. In addition, when canceling the effect of appetite hormones appears strengthen and sustain the recommended diet doctor to exit is also quite difficult. As a result, the diet will, perhaps, to weight fluctuations, but not to solve the problem. “Saves” only that if the spray, sold under the brand name “Diet Doctor Simeonsa” really contains only the algae, it can not be a source of hCG, and is a mild stimulant of the thyroid gland works. However, in Russia and Ukraine Spray in pharmacies is not for sale. Its spread without authorization through the Internet, which, again, is indirect evidence of the unreliability of the method.

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