MASTORAL (methyl drostanolone)


Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Category: Oral
Substance: methyl drostanolone
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Methyl-Drostanolone Overview

This substance was developed by the Syntex that gave us Anapolan or Oxymethelone.

Years ago indication where that it was sold over the counter in the form of testosterone booster but has since been removed. Some of the trade names remain such as Superbol and Super-Anadrol but these dont have the same active although good result are reported on some of these. The main difference seem to be that Mastoral is stronger that these products and also more toxic to the liver.

Users report good solid weight gain over a 4-6 week period and some users compare it to the old Halotestin, no longer available. Like some other steroids, methyldrostanolone was never produces commercially for human use. One user discribes it as a mixture between Masteron and Trenbolone, good gains but with very little water retention.
The main plus point is of course that it is an oral and gives a variation/option where we are very limited with orals compared to injectables. The fact that it dies not cause a lot of water retention makes it suitable for possible combinations with Winstrol and Anavar and may provide a nice alternative for trade off cycles.

Beside the typical and expected side effect, the increased liver stress is a concern so short cycle of 6 weeks or less is recommended.

Typical dosage range is quite wide, from 10mg to 40mgs a day.